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Thursday, 5 December 2013

63. A digital climate for rewired local democracy

Here is the digital democracy version of the diagram originally designed by Carl Haggerty to explain The Digital Climate for Local Public Services.  The value of Carl's diagram is that it provides a framework for organising thinking around what is a broad and complex agenda.   Carl Whistlecraft and myself have reproduced the broad structure in order to share our ideas about Rewiring Local Democracy - a work strand of the Localgovdigital Steering Group. We have done this partly to build on the original work, partly to organise our own thinking and partly as a homage to Carl (a leader par excellence).

What the diagram provides is a map on which different pieces of work can be located.  You can see that on Carl's original post.  As this is a map within a map you should check out the original first and use this one to zoom in on the particular issues associated with local digital democracy.

Below is a first stab and collecting together some relevant pieces of work.  This is very much early days.  If you know of any others please let us know.

Overview and Context

Mr Speaker and #Localgov Digital

The Left Hand Side of the Framework

Not much here yet - suggestions welcome!

The Middle Section of the Framework

Transition Stage

Democratic Digital Engagement - A Blueprint for Local Government?

Democracy Bytes


Local Digital Democracy: A Five Point Checklist

The Networked Councillor

CllrSocmed:  Social Media for Councillors

Social Council Decision Making

Scrutiny Bytes

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